Chelsea Contemporary Rug

Chelsea Contemporary Rug


A mix of the best quality wool with high end polyester.

The Chelsea Range has a silky look and soft touch with modern flair. Made in the centuries old weaving centre of Flanders.

**The Chelsea Rug is also available in a 240cm x 340cm size. This size is a special order only so please call the office for up-to-date prices.**

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80cm x 140cm, 135cm x 200cm, 160cm x 230cm, 200cm x 290cm


2201-100, 2201-110, 2201-120, 2201-900, 2201-940, 2205-102, 2205-902, 2208-102, 2208-942, 2222-100, 2222-110, 2222-940, 2228-100, 2228-940, 2235-110, 2239-120


140,000 points/sqm

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