The look and feel of nature, with the versatility of vinyl.

The perfect middle ground.


From lounges through to kitchens and bathrooms, Karndean surfaces simply wipe clean which makes it extremely hygenic with effortless cleaning.


Karndean offer a free purchase guarantee of 35 years for residential installations and from 10 to 20 years for commercial installations.


Karndean flooring is known for its extreme durability. The floor is capable of coping with heavy foot traffic without showing wear and tear.

Perfect for Commercial Spaces

Thanks to it’s incredible durability, Karndean is ideal for commercial premises where heavy traffic is a factor. Another benefit with Karndean flooring is if any area of the flooring gets damaged, you do not have to replace the entire flooring. The damaged area can be replaced or repaired which cannot be said for other surfaces. Replacement and Repair is cost effective compared to replacing the entire flooring and Karndean generally is excellent value for money.

What you need to know about Karndean.

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So many choices

Available in many patterns including wood and stone effect.


Karndean requires only minimal maintenance to keep it looking new.
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Minimal upkeep

The surface does not require any waxing or polishing to keep it looking fresh.

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